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We are a community based, non profit Company in Oregon. Our goal is to be the leading Mental Health Resource Liason between the African American/African Carribean and Refugee Community CONSUMERS and the PROVIDERS of the same or similar ethnicity in the greater Portland Oregon area. We want to connect the communities also with EthnoCultural effective service for individuals, children, couples, families, transgenders, homeless youth, our U.S Vets and  also provide trainings and community classes that can help dispell myths and taboo's around the subject of "Mental Illness" and Therapeautic Services for people who resemble them.


Black Mental Health Documentary       


We are a new 501(c)3 and are in need of many finances for our Community services, Resource ,Banquets and Fundraisers which will help us to be able to get even more people services and resources  and trainings as well. Please email us at for Inquiries of Donations. Thankyou!

There are PLENTY of ways to get involved with Black Mental Health Oregon. Depending on your areas of interest, there are a few of different events to choose from such as;

Movement4Mental Wellnes which is a series of  low-impact stretching and low impact excercises that create mental wellness.

We also will be having an annual Banquet.

To give our  African American/African Carribean decent Communities the much needed: support, resources, services and referrals that they need and deserve to create wellness for each individual, family, and communities making up the most underserved population in Oregon for mental health services

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